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Chamber Challenges January 2020- 01

We will be focusing on one Chamber Challenge each month.

We encourage all Chamber members to participate. We want to help our members grow their businesses and learn new ways to reach their customers!

This Month's Challenge is:

Advance Your Knowledge

Advancing knowledge in your business isn't just about creating new products and services, or coming up with new ways of selling them.

Most of the knowledge you need can be found on the job, at your business right now. You can find it in:

  • Employee experiences, different employees may see or do things differently that could be beneficial to you and your business

  • The designing and processing of your goods or services

  • Within the files & documents of your business

  • Plans for the future, as in ideas for new products or services

  • Customer questions, concerns, complaints, compliments, etc... Listen to them, what do they need that you can offer?

Your understanding of what customers want, combined with you and your employees' know-how, is your knowledge base. Using this knowledge in the right way can help you run your business more efficiently, decrease business risks and exploit opportunities to the fullest.

Don't just stop learning within your business though, there are unlimited resources at your fingertips. The challenge is taking this knowledge and using it in a productive way. To learn more, you have to study. Study your business, your employees, your customers, and your self. Advance your knowledge.

To get more helpful tips and tutorials to "advance your knowledge" in your business, join our Chamber Tracks email list!


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