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Chamber Challenges February 2020- 03

We will be focusing on one Chamber Challenge each month.

We encourage all Chamber members to participate. We want to help our members grow their businesses and learn new ways to reach their customers!

This Month's Challenge is:

Create a Contest or Giveaway

8 Ways to Promote a Facebook Contest or Giveaway

  1. Use your other Social Media sites to promote - Use other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to let your followers or others users know about your Facebook contests. If users use one social media platform, there’s a good chance they use Facebook too. Not everyone may follow your Facebook business page, but if they follow you on other social media, cross-promoting is a great way for them to still see your contest.

  2. Promote using a "Pinned Post" - "Pinning" your post to yoru social media profile makes it the first post on your page. Pinning and posting your link with a description gives your followers an easy way to find and enter your contest.

  3. Blog about it - If you maintain a blog for your company this is an excellent place to mention your contest. You can go in depth with contest and prize descriptions, post photos, and post links to where your followers can enter the contest. This can also work in a "Video Blog" as well.

  4. Use a #Hashtag - People who frequently participate in contests & giveaways use contest related hashtags. You can use #giveaway or #contest when publishing your posts about the contest to show up in searches for these hashtags and draw in more people. Bonus points if your contest has a catchy name... turn it into a hashtag as well! Creating a custom hashtag for your Facebook contest makes it easy for people to engage in your contest across social media platforms. It also makes it easier for you to monitor the contest.

  5. Newsletter Announcements - If you already use email marketing for your business, then consider promoting the contest to your email list as well. The benefit here is that you already have an active audience through email and have a list of people who are interested in your business. Email will also reach people who might not be as active on social media and therefore might be less likely to see the the contest post in the first page.

  6. Tagging for Entry - Ask followers to tag someone to enter or get extra entries in your contest. his works to promote your giveaway because it not only alerts the person who is tagged in the comment but it also shows your post to people who are friends with both the person tagged and the person who tagged them.

  7. Ask your Employees - Ask your employees if they will share the contest on their personal pages. Your employees likely have friends and family following them who don’t follow you on Facebook. By asking your employees to share the contest, you’re increasing the chances that new people will see it and enter the contest.

  8. Facebook Ads - If you have the budget, a Facebook Ad can help you target your key audience. Use this if you're giving away a big ticket item. This will definitely get your contest in front of more people, but we wouldn't recommend using this every time you do a contest.

If you’re thinking about running a Facebook contest or giveaway, make sure you promote it enough to generate some buzz and get noticed by potential new customers. Have you run a successful Facebook contest for your business—how did you promote it? We want to hear it! Share with us on Facebook or email us at

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