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Chamber Challenges February 2020- 04

We will be focusing on one Chamber Challenge each month.

We encourage all Chamber members to participate. We want to help our members grow their businesses and learn new ways to reach their customers!

This Month's Challenge is:

Create a Contest or Giveaway

10 Mistakes to Avoid in a Social Media Contest or Giveaway

  1. Poorly defined goals & expectations: Have a business goal in mind for your contest or giveaway. Set your expectations for success. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Ensure your goal is clearly outlined, plan and communicate.

  2. No official rules provided: You must create a list of rules/guidlines for you contest. This will help both you and your audience. Publish your rules before the contest begins. Do your research and find out what you can legally do and decide how disputes will be handled. Make sure you keep yourself and your business safe.

  3. Illegal lottery creation: In the US, the government is the only entity allowed to run a lottery. A lottery is defined as having 3 components: a prize- something of value, the element of chance- a random drawing/selection, and consideration- the requirement of purchase or investment of time/effort. For your promotion to be legal, it must be a giveaway where there is no consideration requirement, and the winner is selected through a random drawing; or it must be a contest where the winner is chosen based on demonstration of skill.

  4. Noncompliance with Facebook rules: There is a list of rules Facebook has for running promotions on pages, groups, and events. Go over them and make sure your contest is in compliance with all of them.

  5. Prize relevancy to brand: Think about rewards that align with your brand, promotion goals, and your audience's interests. Consider a product you sell, service you offer, or a gift certificate from your business as a prize. These items directly relate to your business.

  6. Entry in the contest is too complicated: You always want to keep your contest entry simple. Too much information collection could be regarded as consideration, and you don't want to make the process a burden to your audience. Make the process quick and easy to encourage entry.

  7. Not providing mobile-friendly access: The majority of social media users access their sites via mobile device. If your contest can not be entered while on a mobile device this will discourage your audience from entering at all. Provide working links for entry outside of social media, or make sure everyone can enter on any device they use.

  8. Poor creativity: Simply posting a giveaway will not bring attention to the contest or your page. You have to consider the amount of content and information overload that your audience experiences daily. Make sure your graphics and information stand out. You can't rely on the prize value alone to bring in entrants.

  9. Little to no promotion: You need to focus on constant promotion before and during your contest. Announce the contest, rules, and prizes before it launches. Post reminders to enter during the giveaway on your social media, newsletter, blog, etc. There are so many ways to promote your contest or giveaway and you should take advantage of all of them.

  10. Not measuring: Make sure you take notice of the increase in attention during your contest. You want to look into social media and website analytics, brand mentions, shared posts, sales or leads, etc. Keep track of what the contest did to build your business and follow up to see if it's continued.

Do your research and plan ahead. Having a contest or giveaway on social media can be very beneficial to your business. Just make sure you do it the right way and don't miss out on any of the benefits it can provide you. Have you run a successful Facebook contest for your business—how did it go? We want to hear it! Share with us on Facebook or email us at

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