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Chamber Challenges March 2020- 01

We will be focusing on one Chamber Challenge each month.

We encourage all Chamber members to participate. We want to help our members grow their businesses and learn new ways to reach their customers!

This Month's Challenge is:

Create a Newsletter

7 Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Newsletter:

  1. What is your goal for a Newsletter? - First things first, what do you want your newsletter to give to your audience. Is this a weekly/monthly update on your business or organization? Will this be to alert your customers of new sales or discounts available? Decide on your goal and form your Newsletter content and design around it.

  2. What content will be in your Newsletter? - Keep in mind what kind of information you want to send out each newsletter, when you're browsing the internet you may stumble across some helpful resources. Save these to help build your newsletters when you're struggling for ideas. You can also actively search for specific information if you know exactly what you want to provide your audience.

  3. Does your design work with your content? - Make sure that you've got an idea of what you want your Newsletter to look like, as well as what kind of space you need for the content you're providing. The template doesn't have to be flashy or anything, it just needs to be consistent and easy for your audience to follow. When working on designs you should also check to be sure it's mobile-friendly.

  4. Is your newsletter generic? - Add in a personal touch to set your newsletter apart from others. You want your audience to feel like this newsletter was written just for them, from you. Connect directly with your followers.

  5. Who is your newsletter from? - You can use your business name, or your personal name as the sender name. Having a sender name from a real person tends to increase opens and click-throughs. Whatever you choose, make sure your recipients know where the email is coming from.

  6. Is your newsletter legally compliant? - The two biggest laws you need to worry about are CAN-SPAM and GDPR. CAN-SPAM requires that you have a footer in your email with your address and an easy way to unsubscribe from your emails if they don't want to receive them anymore. GDPR is a law passed in Europe that requires (among other things) that email marketers only send newsletters to those people who have manually opted in to receive them. It's best to follow both of these as a rule a thumb, but do your research for your area!

  7. Is it ready to go? - Check, check, and double check. This is one of the hardest things, that even we at the Chamber are guilty of. Check your dates, subject lines, spelling, etc. Read over your entire newsletter to make sure you didn't leave anything out or add something you didn't mean to.

Now your Newsletter should be ready to send! These are just the basics and we will go a little more in depth through the month of March in some of the aspects of Newsletter creation, building your email list, and more! Have you had success sending a Newsletter consistently for your business or organization? We want to hear it! Share with us on Facebook or email us at

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