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Helpful Business Tips

Here are 6 Tips To Maintain Your Business During COVID-19:

  1. Take care of your employees- Find out how your employees are being personally impacted by the virus and provide reassurances where you can about how you plan to support them.

  2. Create a decision-making system- Focus on the information you have and prioritize. Immediate, short-term, and long-term decisions will need to be evaluated.

  3. Set up a new risk assessment- Even if you already have one in place, it may not be suitable for current conditions. Focus on hygiene and safety measures to safeguard operations during this outbreak.

  4. Utilize external communications- Reassure your customers, investors, and the general public that you are taking the appropriate steps during the outbreak. Social media is a great platform for this.

  5. Evaluate your supply chain- What do your customers need from you, how can you help them? What can your suppliers offer you? Can you barter products or services with other local businesses?

  6. Use your downtime productively- What new services or products have you considered, but not had the time to implement? Are there any changes or upgrades you can take care of now to help you be “ready-to-go” when this passes? Brainstorm with your staff and see if there are any improvements that can be taken care of now.


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Helpful Business Tips

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