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Helpful Business Tips

Now is the time to learn things for your business that you've been putting off. If you've been meaning to take an online course, learn how to use that email software, or utilize your social media accounts this is the perfect time to start.

While things are still a little crazy out there we can all take this opportunity to better ourselves and our businesses.

If there is a portion of your business that you're not using to increase sales and advertising, now is the time to start!

Social Media is first and foremost on this list. Does your business have any social media accounts? (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) You should be posting regularly in at least one of these accounts. Using social media to stay in contact with your customers is essential. This keeps you on their mind, it creates a free platform to advertise specials and new products, and it gives your customers a way to check out your store without leaving the house!

Email Marketing is another great way to keep your customer audience informed. You can send out daily, weekly, or monthly emails to keep your customers informed of any specials or new products in your business. Some people prefer seeing this kind of information in emails where it's easier to link directly to your website. This doesn't have to be advertising though. You can use the email to interact with customers on a more personal level with a blog type email. There are many options with email marketing. If you've never tried it now is the time to do some research and give it a chance.

Online Courses can be beneficial to several different parts of your business. There are hundreds of options out there for online classes to help your business. You can find everything from social media & website design and content, to financial and business planning. Some of these classes range from hours to weeks, but there is an option for almost anything you could think of. There are even multiple training courses offered for free. If you're struggling or just want to learn more on certain aspects of your business research some of the courses available, you might be surprised how easy and affordable some of the options are.

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