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Helpful Business Tips

One thing we know for sure in marketing, timing is everything. It's important to maintain tactful and empathetic marketing content, especially in times of crisis. Below we have provided some suggested guidelines for use during this pandemic.

  • Review your scheduled posts & advertisements: Update any information that is no longer current. Check to make sure everything everything is accurate and appropriate. Update any changes in service, hours, etc.

  • Be aware of your content: Constantly review your information to make sure that it is in line with current social and professional recommendations. Avoid using graphics or phrases that might be interpreted as inappropriate or insensitive.

  • Avoid exploiting fears: Negative approaches can seriously harm your reputation and your business. Avoid using the pandemic as an advertisement, pointing out other businesses closures, or implying your services or products would help ease the outbreak.

  • Focus on positivity and added value: Use this as an opportunity to highlight what your services or products can do for customers at this time. Promote remote, online, delivery, and curbside/no-contact services you offer. Focus on all of the ways you can stay available to your customers. Make your online presence known while including content that reflects your brand values.

Experiment with different types of advertising and engagement tactics. During closures and shutdowns, you can focus on building your online presence to help maintain your business. Use this time to build on parts of your business you haven't had the time to focus on before.


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Helpful Business Tips

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