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Spotlight: LifeLine Service Dogs

Tina Anderson has been training dogs for over 30 years in the McCurtain County/Polk County area and has recently opened LifeLine Service Dogs in 2022. Anderson began developing a very selective and specific breeding program for service dogs. The passion she has for training dogs soon inspired her to help others in her community. For the most part, Anderson has veterans and children reach out for the services of LifeLine Service Dogs.

LifeLine Service Dogs trains and places service dogs for veterans and children with a medical diagnosis such as PTSD, Autism, MST, TBI, mobility disabilities and more. The service dogs at LifeLine Service Dogs are trained to give Diabetic Alerts, Seizure Alerts, and Cardiac Alerts. There are four employees at LifeLine Service Dogs and they are known for their professionally trained dogs that adhere to all ADA Guidelines. Tina would like everyone to know that her business is here to work with the community and for the community. She is a local and has established long-term ties to the community, having several generations here as well. She wants to encourage anyone who would like to learn more about LifeLine Service Dogs to visit her website or reach out to her directly at (479) 858-8820.


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