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Chamber Spotlight: Harbor House Prevention Programs

Harbor House Prevention Programs

Harbor Recovery Center began in 1966 which grew into Harbor House for treatment for all to relieve the suffering from addiction. Beginning as the first state organized prevention program in 1982, the Early Intervention Program (IEP) was the precursor to the Regional Prevention Provider, serving six different counties. Today those six counties are still receiving up-to-date prevention education and efforts. Harbor House Prevention Program supports establishing communities proactive in promoting safe, healthy, substance-free environments. By working with individuals, families, workspaces, schools, community, and faith based organizations, prevention programs offer hands-on experience to strengthen community partnerships. By increasing awareness of behavioral health issues detrimental to the community, prevention efforts promote discussion leading to action.

Harbor House Prevention Programs offer education, presentations, trainings, technical assistance in prevention program development, media campaigns to raise awareness on behavioral health prevention. They are a resource outlet, if an organization needs a resource they may not be able to provide, they have contacts with a plethora of organizations they could reach out to.

If you would like to get involved with Harbor House Prevention Programs you can join their Region 5 Prevention Task Force, volunteer/attend conferences and events. You can also join local coalitions to build stronger relationships where ideas and outcomes can be achieved together.

All Harbor House Prevention Program services are free to all. If any Polk County or Arkansas residents or community leaders are interested in anything, it never hurts to reach out as we might be able to assist or could provide alternate resources. One grant (the Partnership For Success, PFS) they house needs youth coalitions in every county, if any youth serving organization would be interested in starting a youth coalition that focuses on educating and preventing underage drinking and cannabis use, let the Harbor House Prevention Program organization know!

HH Prevention Programs can be found on Facebook:

Their contact information is:

(479) 652-3904


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